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This is an overview of the Böcker cranes that we have available.


Böcker Cranes at a Glance.

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Böcker Truck Cranes

Böcker Cranes at Caledonian Cranes, Scotland. 1
Böcker Aluminium Truck Cranes from 4T to 12T capacity and up to 52m Boom, with the addition of Böckers Platform technology you can turn your truck crane into a truck mounted access platform in less than 5 minutes.

Böcker Inclined lifts

Böcker Cranes at Caledonian Cranes, Scotland. 2

Böcker‘s range of inclined hoists provide extremely flexible lifting solutions and are easily transported.

Böcker Trailer Cranes

Böcker Cranes at Caledonian Cranes, Scotland. 3

Böcker Trailer Cranes are lightweight and easy to transport, offering up to 36m boom length and 2.4T capacity. The AHK36/2400 also has Böcker‘s Platform technology which turns it into a 30m access platform.

Böcker Furniture Lifts

Böcker Cranes at Caledonian Cranes, Scotland. 4

Böcker Furniture Lifts are the most efficient way to lift items which traditionally would be carried upstairs.

Further Böcker Information

Böcker has a large range of cranes and lifting equipment suited to every lifting requirement. Further comprehensive information can be found under the 'Products'  link on the Böcker website here.

Caledonian Cranes are able to commission any of these machines and to also offer expert advice on the machine best suited to your requirement.

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